Friday, April 10, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - Release From Thomas Embling Prison - Residential Clause

Garth Daniels on the morning of Thursday 9 April 2009 was released from the Thomas Embling Forensicare Facility, a prison which the psychiatrists in practise there call a hospital(sic). But, Garth Daniels is still NOT FREE...he has a residential restriction imposed on his freedom.

Garth Daniels has committed no crime, he has no charges pending, he has not been tried by a court of law... Garth Daniels is not psychotic...yet Dr.Grant Lester a Thomas Embling psychiatrist who signed the release papers chose to impose a restriction on where Garth Daniels should live.

Is this the State of Victoria, Australia? A state which hosts a Charter of Human Rights and Responsiblities Act endorsed by our Attorney General and Deputy Premier, Mr. Rob Hulls?

Of what relevance is the Declaration of Helsinki or the Nuremberg Codes to a patient, when a psychiatrist at a forensic facility may dictate where one must live? Is it not bad enough that these psychiatrists decide and dictate the disease with reference to their DSM rather than listen to the patient?

Garth Daniels besides his photography has a love of music that includes Reggae ...and he often echoes the words of that freedom song of Bob Marley..."Get up stand up for your rights..." It seems that the only pathway to get up and stand up for your rights is through the judical system... and it should be no surprise that this will be persued vigorously..."Get up stand up for your rights..."