Friday, July 12, 2013

Garth Daniels - Amygdala - Fear Rage & Aggression

The Amygdala is almond shaped found in that region in the brain protected by the temporal bones immediately behind the ears. The Amygdala sits roughly on a horizontal plane midway between the ears and directly in line with the eyes.

The Amygdala interconnects with four major lobes of the cerebral hemisphere.  These interconnections serve to convey sensory information which the Amygdala processes as external inputs which may for example be a result of a negative or painful event.   These inputs encompass  pain, sound, touch and visual systems to which the Amygdala creates an associated response with these  negative stimuli and random events.    A particularly negative stimuli is fear which prompts the Amygdala to reinforce and trigger a learned response to such fear, much like that of Pavlov's Dog.

Is it the effects of drug toxicity (poisoning) coupled with negative environmental stimuli, sensory inputs, that the interconnections outputs within the Amygdala triggers various kinds of integrated activities as a defense mechanism ?   "... fear is one of the most common manifestations of amygdaloidal electrical stimulation and abnormal activations"(Rhawn Joseph, PhD.)

Is this a route cause which culminates in the involuntary actions of a patient taking these drugs being labeled violent?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Garth Daniels - and - "Syndrome Malin des Neuroleptique"

Despite an ALERT first recorded by Eastern Health in the medical files of Garth Daniels more than fifteen years ago, it appears that little attention was given to this treatment emergent condition first described by Delay and Deneker in 1960. "Syndrome Malin des Neuroleptic" that is Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome...

The first reaction to it as described by the French clinicians Delay and Deneker is removal of the causative agent... The first recorded response is almost always the correct response... the literature confirms that the standard response has and always should be removal of the causative agent. Interestingly, that is precisely the response executed by Eastern Health when Garth was first treated there in 1996. What have been the consequences ?

The introduction of polypharmacy as has been documented in Garth Daniels volumes of medical records merely reinforces the notion that polypharmacy serves to "mask" underlying symptoms of this potentially fatal condition... So, why has it continued by other service providers?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Garth Daniels - A Paridigm Shift, Polypharmacy and the TGA

The Therapeutic Goods Administration ( Australia) is equivalent to the Food and Drug Administration (USA).

In 2008 the TGA convened a scientific study of reports based on numerous cases submitted to it by a psychiatrist who has an interest in forensic and medico - legal issues in psychiatry. The case studies encompassed numerous reports which described adverse events and complicated psychotropic medication histories over an extended periods of time.  The scientific study was undertaken by the Psychiatric Drug Safety Expert Advisory Panel established by the TGA.

In its Executive Summary The Panel considered that "the reports were most valuable for highlighting a number of issues associated with the use of psychotropic medicines, including
  • ...extent of the problems associated with polypharmacy...
  • lack of evidence for the use of many of the prescribed combinations...
  • potential of increased adverse events when multiple medications are used concurrently...
  • clinicians difficulties in "distinguishing" side effects as akathesia from underlying psychiatric disorders
  • inconsistencies between current Australian Product Information documents and international monographs...
...there was usually clear evidence of a temporal relationship between the onset of symptoms ( e.g. akathesia or suicidal ideation ) and the use of medication and evidence that the symptom improved on discontinuation or reduction in dose of the drug...."

Why is it that on each and every occasion Garth Daniels presented to hospital...whether voluntary or involuntary is not the question... Why has it been that his drug prescription is always increased culminating in unnecessary traumatic and lengthy inpatient hospital stays?

Perhaps now there is a paradigm shift... initiated as a result of a short stay at St.Vincents Hospital and recognition that the alternative to a C-Max dose.. and polypharmacy is a reduction.

Therapeutic dose should be based on the rate of clearance the formula of which equates to dosing rate divided by drug concentration, shouldn't it ?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

GARTH DANIELS - An Awakening

After more than sixteen years of  pharmaceutical drug interventions Garth now suffers from significant residual problems.  To the extent that  he considered it appropriate to enter the private hospital sector to monitor these residual effects more intensely. On Monday 11 March Garth found himself in the invidious position of  needing hospitalization in order to deal with the consequences of polypharmacy with respect to the subsequent difficulties with etiology.

GARTH DANIELS - The Ides of March

Garth Daniels was NOT CRIMINALLY INSANE... His mere incarceration at Thomas Embling was in fact defamatory, if not criminal.  The implication appears to be that if one is diagnosed as having a mental illness then it is likely that you will offend...  Garth was not part of the Criminal Justice System nor had he been found guilty or least of all sent to Thomas Embling for reasons of mental impairment by the courts.  Garth was admitted to Thomas Embling by the mere strokes of a few psychiatrists' pens for the purpose of providing greater freedom.(sic)
P.S. Garth Daniels was never allowed unescorted off campus leave.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

GARTH DANIELS - The Dark Light Rises at Thomas Embling


Thomas Embling Hospital 2012

Five Police vehicles' and two SWAT Teams

"It was a day in March when attempting to enter at Thomas Embling Hospital that the security personnel advised I would not be able to visit at that time as the place was in "lock-down".
Earlier I had watched from the car park staff from the administration running through the security section into the actual lock-down compound area.

Within minutes of that observation five police cars and two SWAT Vehicles' appeared...( see above photo) from which emerged personnel armed with transparent riot shields and guns in their holsters. I watched as they put on their helmets and proceeded to enter the "hospital" in what may only be described as riot gear.

In the time I have had to attend Thomas Embling to see our son two patients had been murdered... it was a fear that the same would happen to our son... Now there has been a third death... that could so easily have been our son... "

MAD - its an acronym for mind altering drugs.... So, it begs the question... why was it necessary for a SWAT Team to be sent into a hospital?

Forensic yes! Hospital...? Whose delusional???