Sunday, January 6, 2013

GARTH DANIELS - The Dark Light Rises at Thomas Embling


Thomas Embling Hospital 2012

Five Police vehicles' and two SWAT Teams

"It was a day in March when attempting to enter at Thomas Embling Hospital that the security personnel advised I would not be able to visit at that time as the place was in "lock-down".
Earlier I had watched from the car park staff from the administration running through the security section into the actual lock-down compound area.

Within minutes of that observation five police cars and two SWAT Vehicles' appeared...( see above photo) from which emerged personnel armed with transparent riot shields and guns in their holsters. I watched as they put on their helmets and proceeded to enter the "hospital" in what may only be described as riot gear.

In the time I have had to attend Thomas Embling to see our son two patients had been murdered... it was a fear that the same would happen to our son... Now there has been a third death... that could so easily have been our son... "

MAD - its an acronym for mind altering drugs.... So, it begs the question... why was it necessary for a SWAT Team to be sent into a hospital?

Forensic yes! Hospital...? Whose delusional???