Sunday, January 24, 2016

Garth Daniels : Deja Vu - Zyprexa-Guardianship-Incarceration & the Photographer


a picture is worth a thousand words
Who was it who said if you continue prescribing the same thing over and over again ...?
Above and below the extent of the Olanzapine prescribed for Garth.

now its just more of the same old same old

the Olanzapine ( Zyprexa Zydis) previously prescribed has now again been prescribed
...if you don't succeed just try and try again...


Associate Professor Paul Katz, Director of the Clinical Programme at Box Hill Hospital's Upton House has now lodged an application with the Victorian Civil And Administrative Tribunal to remove Garth's Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment) and Enduring Guardian.    Paul Katz has applied to have a Guardian appointed and to have Garth Daniels sent to a Secure Extended Care  Unit.(SECU).

a truncated history-ITO- Involuntary Treatment Order 
1996 - 2016
Adverse Drug Reactions and Mismanaged Care

    • ...Treatment emergent NMS ( Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome.)
    • ... Grand-Mal & Petite Seizures
    • ... Assaulted by co-patient -fractured zygomatic arch ( Jaw).
    • ... Assaulted by co-patient - eye  injuries
    • .. 55 days in seclusion (prescribed more than two drugs- polypharmacy
    • ....strapped to bed for 69 days.
    • ...forearm fractured by co-patient.
    • ....little finger broken by co-patient.
    • ...Code Blacks ...  
    • ...ECT -Shocked more than sixty times - without consent.
    • ...Code Blue - three days in medical ward.
Who is dangerous... the Lab Rat or the state of psychiatry?...

Garth Daniels the PHOTOGRAPHER not the Lab Rat.
from a collection of Garths Album. 

"The opportunity to use the camera to re-invent everyday objects as items of beauty and wonder excites me". G.D.


Birds of a feather

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