Sunday, July 15, 2018

Garth Daniels -argumentum ad hominem

Ad hominem - an attack upon an opponent to discredit their argument or opinion - [appealing to emotion and prejudice rather than logic or reason directed against a person, rather than the position they are maintaining...]Merriam-Webster 

So it is, that Garth Daniels dad was accused of speaking a foreign language to his son during a visit at the Park-Wacol Mental Health Teaching, Research and Education precinct (a mental hell prison).  The consequences of that allegation is that Garths dad was removed from the precinct at the instruction of a charge nurse by security officers. 

A compliant was lodged with the Clinical Director Dr. Angela Voita which remained unanswered... But, at a scheduled family meeting on the Thursday of that week Garths dad was informed that he would no longer be permitted to visit his son... however, Garths mother would be permitted continued visiting rights.  Of course, what was not realized by these "white-coats" is that Garth does not speak a foreign language having  as a four year old with his parents entered Australia in January 1979.

What followed was a letter from Dr. Terry Stedman,Clinical Director, Service, Development and Performance (sic), West Moreton Hospital and Health Services, Mental Health and Specialised Services...

Quote: "I refer to the discussion between you, Mrs Daniels and some representatives of the clinical team on 5 July at The Park Centre for Mental Health.  During this meeting, the clinical team raised concerns about your behaviour....which included threatening the life of the treating Psychiatrist and poking a Nurse in the chest while being verbally aggressive....
I would ask that you consider this letter and arrange to meet with representatives of the team to discuss how to proceed to resuming visits with your son." Unquote.

Meanwhile, the psychiatrist treating Garth who supported the allegations against Mr. Daniels senior   now appears to have gone on sabbatical leave, having informed the Daniels family that he would be away until August.  In the interim Mr. Daniels senior remains debarred from entering the secure facility. It is believed that Dr. Angela Voita is to be Garths treating psychiatrist as of Monday 16 July 2018.  
The circumstances giving raise to these allegations appear to be just that allegations, therefore, it seems highly unlikely that Mr. Daniels could meet with the treating team to discuss "how to proceed to resuming visits..." when he is not allowed into the facility to face the very team who have supported the allegations.  Argumentum ad hominem. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Garth Daniels - at The Park - Wacol

"...waive any claims or rights which may lie against the Park
in respect of any loss or damage howsoever caused."
Nothing about patients?

Tuesday 5th June 2018 Garth Daniels (hand-cuffed )was taken by ambulance from the Park-Wacol escorted by police to the Emergency Department (ED) at the Ipswich Hospital.  There are no emergency facilities at the Parks-Wacol. 

The Daniels family were contacted by whom it is understood, is Garth Daniels treating and consultant psychiatrist at the Park-Wacol, Dr. Julian Dodemaide.  The parents were informed that Garth presented with medical problems serious enough for the psychiatric Registrar to make the call that Garth be taken to the Ipswich Hospital Emergency Department. 

It has been confirmed that Garth Daniels has been in isolation since being medicated by the on-call registrar on 19 May 2018.   The parents advise that they have only been permitted to visit Garth on two occasions so far.  This is due to the fact that Garth is not allowed visitors when in isolation. To date it is alleged that Garth has now been isolated continuously for 23 hours each day.  This no doubt the Daniels family find very disturbing. But wouldn't you if it were your son or daughter?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Garth Daniels - and then came a spider


"United Nations General Assembly. Human Rights Council:

(The) United Nations treaty bodies have established that involuntary treatment and other psychiatric interventions in health-care are forms of torture and ill-treatment.  Forced interventions, often wrongfully justified by theories of incapacity and therapeutic necessity inconsistent with the Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), are legitimized under national laws, and may enjoy wide public support as being in the alleged "best interest" of the person concerned.  Nevertheless, to the extent that they inflict severe pain and suffering, they violate the absolute probation of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment(A/63/175.paras.38,40,41)."

April 2018
a real coffee unlike what is provided within the Secure Mental Health Research Unit (SMHRU) at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH). Despite the LCT Garth remained confined to the "cage" twenty-one hours within every twenty-four hour period.  Other than when Garth more recently was permitted to spend several hours at home with his parents.

Three hours of "bliss" freedom
 LCT from The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH)Secure Mental Health Research Unit (SMHRU) thanks to the treating consultant psychiatrist Dr. Natasha Laukens.

Garth at his favourite coffee shop in the shopping mall Chermside.
"Is this a risk to the community or self Dr. John Reilly?"

Reflection on health with his  mum 

 the ever enthusiastic photographer looking to capture a moment

Freedom!. "Is there anything violent here ? Does this not promote recovery?'"

LCT 2018
on campus leave with parents
LCT 2018
Off hospital grounds leave- a stroll in the Park Chermside.
"What! A threat to the community?"

LCT 2018
A walk through the Chermside Shopping Mall.
LCT 2018
Garths favourite past time, having a real brewed coffee
Roma Street Botanical Gardens Brisbane.
Where is the threat?


On 27 April 2018 the Chief Psychiatrist of Queensland Dr. John Reilly informed Garth that it was his opinion that continuing treatment at TPCH restricts treatment and rehabilitation opportunities that could promote Garths recovery.

Consequently, the Chief Psychiatrists DECIDED that the best place for Garth to receive treatment and care that would promote his recovery is at The Parks-High Security Inpatient Services(HSIS).  Dr. Reilly directed that Garth be transferred by 11 May 2018.

Allegations of assault by Garth against security while an inpatient at the Royal Brisbane and Woman's Hospital in September 2016 were referred to the Mental Health Court by the former Chief Psychiatrist Dr. John Allan, with further allegations against Garth when transferred on 8 November 2016 to the Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) Secure Mental Health Research Unit (SMHRU) at Chermside.  

During the 8 and 9 March 2018 a hearing into Garth's capacity to stand in trial was heard in the Mental Health Supreme Court (MHSC) before His Hon.Justice Flanagan.  A decision was handed on 4 May 2018 with the directive that Garth be placed on a forensic order and that he be detained at TPCH.

Notwithstanding the directive of the presiding Supreme Court Judge Flanagan, Garth Daniels was transferred to the Parks-Wacol Centre High Inpatient Security Service(HSIS), as directed by the Chief Psychiatrist Dr. John  Reilly, contrary to the forensic order. 

It appears that the Chief Psychiatrist has jurisdiction to relocate patients irrespective of a judicial order.  Is this presumptive ? Perhaps its a question of Fact and Law which may have to be referred to the Supreme Court.  In the interim Garth Daniels remains an in-patient at The Parks-Wacol Centre.  

At the Parks-HSIS 7:00am Saturday 19 May 2018 it is alleged Garth told a staff member to "phuck-off" initiating a "code-black" and as a consequence Garth has been placed in solitary confinement.  Garth remains isolated 23 hours within every twenty-four hour cycle.

What a way to promote recovery?  What a web of deceit!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Garth Daniels - Subliminal Sapien

"...affecting the wise mind without being aware if it."

  medical discoveries or medical research - consent or coercion?

"...passivity or silent acquiescence on the part of the larger society allows the reality construction to spread into more and more spheres of political and social life until it is sufficiently anchored in law, custom and discourse to define what is right and wrong and what is permissible and what is not...."

Ronald D. Crelinsten ". The world of torture. A constructed reality. p.303. Theoretical Criminology .Sage Publications, London.2003.

 A word to the Australian government, extract of the submission 
around e-petition ENO360 2017
  • "Article 2(2) of the Convention Against Torture, states that "No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or threat of war, internal political instability public emergency may be invoked as justification of torture." The UN Convention Against Torture prohibits the use of torture under any circumstances."

  • "The UN Principles of Medical Ethics relevant to the Role of Health Personnel, particularly Physicians, in the Protection of Prisoners and Detainees against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UN 1982) applies specifically to medical and other health workers".

  • "Why does the United Nations consider forced psychiatric drugging as inhuman, torture?                                                                                                                                                                        One of the answers exists in the nature of medication-induced effects, often called adverse drug reactions (ADRs'). Psychiatric(Mind Altering Drugs) MAD create a torturous state. As stated in the PI for temazapam "CNS and paradoxical reactions. As with other benzodiazepines and CNS active drugs, three idiosyncratic symptom clusters, which may overlap, have been described. Amnestic symptoms: anterograde amnesia with appropriate or inappropriate behavior; confusional states: disorientation, derealisation, depersonalization and/or  clouding of consciousness; and agitational states: sleep disturbances, restlessness, irritability, aggression and excitation."        This can be located on the TGA website                                                                                                                                                        
  • Benzodiazepine effects are comparable to the effects of torture described by Dr. Shmuel Vaknin- " Torture robs the victim of the most basic modes of relating to reality and thus, is the equivalent of cognitive death. Space and time are warped by sleep deprivation. The "self" (I) is shattered. The tortured have nothing familiar to hold on to: family, home, personal belongings, loved ones, language, name. Gradually, they lose their mental resilience and sense of freedom.  They feel alien-unable to communicate, to relate, attach, or empathize with others...Torture is about reprogramming the victim to succumb to alternative exegesis of the world, proffered by the abuser. It is an act of deep ,indelible, traumatic indoctrination"
...Cognizance of the aforementioned facts does not take much imagination to realize the effects of being isolated 21 hours each day.  No one to talk to except ones self and then to have that mono dialogue noted as a re-emergence of psychosis.  Then to comment that there are cameras watching one interpreted as further evidence of a psychotic episode, when in fact there are CAMERAS - watching every move- except of course when as a inpatient you are the one being assaulted.  How convenient that must be and then to find oneself labelled violent and treatment resistant.  Surely, if you find yourself labeled treatment resistance the question should be..."Why then are you treating me?".

After 23 months of ineffective treatment followed by a reduction of a mere 25mg from a 400mg intra-muscular injection allowed Garth to slowly emerge from his drugged state.  But, after 23 months it has been decided that Garth could be better treated in a Forensic facility.  What better way than to create a situation which would evoke a response sufficiently to be labelled "violent" and "aggressive"... create an illusion that Garth Daniels is the most violent patient.  No one has examined the iatrogenic effect of the over-prescription and replication of past pharmaceuticals.  However, the effects were sufficient to keep Garth in a perpetual state of deliria... to the extent Garth was labelled incapable of standing in trial.  Garth now finds himself a Forensic patient to be removed under the orders of the Chief psychiatrist of Queensland Dr.John Reilly,  to The Parks -Wacol.

At 8:45am Wednesday 9 May 2018 Garth was escorted from the caged environment at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) and disappeared before his parents who arrived minutes earlier did not even see Garth enter the police van.  The TPCH staff present would not permit the parents to see Garth as he had already entered the van.  Makes one wonder was Garth handcuffed?  The parents state that there were at least five policeman present and four hospital security personnel- all very polite and pleasant.  At this time of writing the family have not been able to contact Garth who is now in a High Security Inpatient Service (HSIS).. .Wacol located west of Brisbane which now serves as a prison and Secure Mental Health Research Unit (SMHRU).

So, after almost two years isolated at TPCH Garth's parents have been told that it is for Garth well-being to be in a less "a less restrictive" (sic)environment.  Deja Vu Thomas Embling...
"Join the movement that's powering medical discoveries right here..." albeit perhaps without informed consent ?