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Garth Daniels - Two Decades On 1996 -2016

A case in History

In April 2008, an Australian Supreme Court Judge Bongiorno in a terrorist trial over mistreatment of prisoners inside the maximum security Acacia Unit, about 60 kilometetres from Melbourne, noted that the defendants had been kept locked in individual cells for up to 23 hours a day, with severe restrictions on receiving visitors....

Judge Bongiorno in relation to these prisoners confinement summed up the testimony of Dr.Douglas Bell, a government forensic psychiatrist, in these terms:

 "Dr. Bell considered that in the circumstances of the applicants it is more likely than not that an ordinary person would experience significant psychological and emotional difficulties. These difficulties are likely to have a significant effect on the applicants' ability to concentrate or to remember things from day to day or week to week... He considered that...would be likely to impact to a significant extent on the cognitive mental functions..."

Consequently, Judge Bongiorno required the authorities to carry out a list of alterations which included 10 out-of-cell hours per day when the inmates were not attending court.

Garth Daniels is not a convicted  terrorist... Garth Daniels is not a rapist... Garth Daniels is not a murderer... Garth Daniels is nothing of the sort... Where should Garth Daniels be other than home?    

19 May 2016 - A new era begins for Garth and his family in from the abuse of  arbitrary detention and  systemic torture of isolation electric shock and over prescription of Pharmaceutical drugs outside of the manufacturers recommendations...

On the Brisbane Explorer 2016
Recommended by his Australian  private psychiatrist in Queensland as good therapy

Indooroopilly /Taringa exploring the river walks with mum
Brisbane 2016  

A walk with mum Taringa  to Toowong 2016

The Queensland Saga begins 2016:

 The psychiatric Wards of the RBWH Brisbane 2016

The Little Known Facts

Why was Garth Daniels administered Clozapine against his wishes and under duress and despite assurances by QCAT that Garths EPOA and Guardian should remains as such with QCAT rejecting the application of the Metro-North Hospital Administration from acquiring Guardianship and Trusteeship of Garth Daniels affairs". 

Perhaps the answer may be found a decade earlier while being treated under Eastern Health ( Maroondah and Box Hill Hospitals), Monash Health, Southern Health (Dandenong),  Peninsula Health (Frankston Hospital),Bayside Health, Thomas Embling Forensic Facility( Melbourne)and  Austin Health.

A project was set up to monitor for clozapine induced myocarditis with controls set up in the mid 1990's through to January 2010.  

"Approval for the study was obtained from the Human Research Ethics Committees of the following institutions and health services: Monash University, Austin Health, Barwon Health, Bayside Health, Bendigo Health, Department of Human Services, Department of Justice, Eastern Health, Mercy Health, North Western Mental Health, Peninsula Health, St. Vincent's Health, Southern Health ( all from Victoria): North Sydney Central Coast Health, Sydney South West Area Health Service ( Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Zone) ( from New South Wales); and Prince Charles Hospital ( from Queensland).  [emphasis added] 
The approvals covered access to medical records without patient consent.  In addition, an Access Agreement was signed with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine for access to the National Coroner's Information Service data base and a Deed of Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest with the Therapeutic Goods Administration for access to original case reports".

" A new monitoring protocol for clozapine-induced myocarditis based on an analysis of 75 cases and 94 controls".Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 2011.

The contemporaneous notes records Garth Daniels has had more than twenty-seven admissions (27) to various hospitals in Victoria.  Moving a patient form one hospital to another for audit purposes may of course be appropriate to regard a transfer as an admission, when in fact it was merely a mechanism for moving a patient perhaps to mask the perception that things were not as good as such wording as admission and discharge would have on hospital management audits. 

Garths transfer from the Royal Brisbane and Woman's Hospital (RBWH) to The Princess Charles Hospital (TPCH)  may of course be considered purely incidental.   But, it raises the question that why after twenty-two months of treatment it appears the chief psychiatrist of Queensland, Dr.John  Reilly considers that Garth Daniels needs would better be served being locked up twenty-three hours per day in isolation.

Is the Chief Psychiatrist Dr. John Reilly from the Northern Territory perhaps forgetting that the State of Queensland does have a judicial process.  So, it is not expedient to simply ignore the declaration of a Supreme Court Justice - that is ignoring the declaration  and merely directing that Garth Daniels be removed from TPCH by police and transported to the Park Wacol, a Mental Health High Security Inpatient Services(sic) facility for its rehabilitation, education and research!

Since the transition visits by parents have been limited on the basis that Garth Daniels is to unwell to be visited by parents.  The plow to prevent Garths EPOA from visiting Garth fell in a heap when the staff declared that Bernard Daniels spoke to his son in a foreign language and that was not permitted.  Bernard Daniels was escorted off the premises by security.  However, on learning that Garth Daniels spoke no language other than English there was no other recourse than to re-admit Bernard Daniels onto the premises - But, now its promulgated that Garth Daniels remains too unwell for visits by his parents!!!! 

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