Saturday, March 24, 2012

GARTH DANIELS - Seclusion: The Invisible Torture

"Hospital: A health care facility that provides beds, nursing services, organised medical staff for diagnosis and treatments for both surgical and medical patients for a variety of diseases and disorders". Mosby's Medical Nursing and Allied Health Dictionary, 3rd Edition.
Fifty-one days in solitary confinement, isolation, seclusion call it whatever you may...  add to this a combination of  neuroleptics  (psychiatric drugs) and the psychological effects of isolation 24/7...its mind altering... its an invisible torture... well documented in South Africa.  What about the hypothalamus and pituitary and what is the patients renal function at this point in time?...  What about electrolyte disorder...the risk of mortality associated with potentially adverse outcomes? 

Saturday 24 March 2012 the patient...Garth Daniels...was removed from the seclusion room and permitted to sleep and remain in the secure open ward.  Is this Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital ?  Forensic yes! Hospital remains a question of definition...

Garth Daniels is not free.  STOP PRESS Thursday 29 March Garth Daniels was ushered back into solitary confinement,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

GARTH DANIELS - A Question of Definition

"Forensic psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry that deals with legal issues and problems relating to mental disorders especially the determination of insanity for legal purpose."  Mosby's Medical Nursing & Allied Health Dictionary, 3rd Edition.

On 14 February 2011 without being summons to a court or being guilty of any legal issue either current or pending, it has now been established that Garth Daniels was sent to Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital(sic) by a psychiatrist...because it was considered to be "of benefit" and "necessary" for his treatment.   ....not for the determination of insanity for legal purposes... because there were none.

Is it that Thomas Embling security patients (of which Garth Daniels is not)are subject to "detention" which dictates that treatment of such patients are perhaps given so not designed for their release?

Now after more than 365 days of "necessary ' treatment for his "benefit" Garth Daniels at this time has been incarcerated 24/7 for  more than thirty days in solitary confinement...and counting...with no end in sight.

There were no legal grounds for his incarceration in a forensic facility.    Is this an attempt to create a state of "insanity for legal purposes..."?  Is this to justify his illegal imprisonment?

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