Saturday, March 16, 2013

GARTH DANIELS - An Awakening

After more than sixteen years of  pharmaceutical drug interventions Garth now suffers from significant residual problems.  To the extent that  he considered it appropriate to enter the private hospital sector to monitor these residual effects more intensely. On Monday 11 March Garth found himself in the invidious position of  needing hospitalization in order to deal with the consequences of polypharmacy with respect to the subsequent difficulties with etiology.

GARTH DANIELS - The Ides of March

Garth Daniels was NOT CRIMINALLY INSANE... His mere incarceration at Thomas Embling was in fact defamatory, if not criminal.  The implication appears to be that if one is diagnosed as having a mental illness then it is likely that you will offend...  Garth was not part of the Criminal Justice System nor had he been found guilty or least of all sent to Thomas Embling for reasons of mental impairment by the courts.  Garth was admitted to Thomas Embling by the mere strokes of a few psychiatrists' pens for the purpose of providing greater freedom.(sic)
P.S. Garth Daniels was never allowed unescorted off campus leave.