Saturday, January 16, 2010

GARTH DANIELS - 2010 - Beyond Reproach


More than four-thousand drugs entered the market up to 2010. Yet, polypharmacy (prescribing more than one drug of the same class at a time)or "stacking" (using more than one drug of a different class at the same time) appears the order of the day, invariably without scientific validation of the more than likely implications of adverse drug-drug interactions upon the patient.

The patient who is involuntary prescribed drugs and who over the past thirteen years experienced the effects of extreme polypharmacy...and "stacking", creating a toxic effect...more candidly expressed as being poisoned.

Voltiare appeared to have captured the essence of such prescribing methods when he stated that "Doctors pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into patients of whom they know nothing".

Lancet, the medical journal more than ten years ago in its editorial advocated that physicians should listen to their patients... yet thirteen years on we find Garth Daniels still being prescribed drugs without his informed consent... Garth Daniels is not being heard.

Is Garth Daniels to remain the involuntary participant for polypharmacy? The "Lab Rat" who continues to be drugged and injected without his informed consent...? We should think more enough is enough. Judge Byrne in the Supreme Court of Victoria had stated in October 2008 that it is a treatment "which may need to be investigated"... perhaps that time has come.

Who advocates these prescriptions...? Who perpetuates a system which denies a citizen the right to informed consent? A citizen who has never committed a crime, act of terror or a traffic offense? Who turns the blind eyes? More specifically the question is why? The answer is not too far away.

Is Psychiatry beyond reproach...beyond the rule of law? We should think not...after all this is happening in the State of Victoria Australia... Its a Democracy is it not or have we missed something here?

Garth Daniels was today Tuesday 2 February 2010 released from Thomas Embling Forensicare Hospital(sic) detention centre on a Community Treatment Order (CTO).

Garth Daniels is still NOT FREE.

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