Monday, June 17, 2013

Garth Daniels - and - "Syndrome Malin des Neuroleptique"

Despite an ALERT first recorded by Eastern Health in the medical files of Garth Daniels more than fifteen years ago, it appears that little attention was given to this treatment emergent condition first described by Delay and Deneker in 1960. "Syndrome Malin des Neuroleptic" that is Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome...

The first reaction to it as described by the French clinicians Delay and Deneker is removal of the causative agent... The first recorded response is almost always the correct response... the literature confirms that the standard response has and always should be removal of the causative agent. Interestingly, that is precisely the response executed by Eastern Health when Garth was first treated there in 1996. What have been the consequences ?

The introduction of polypharmacy as has been documented in Garth Daniels volumes of medical records merely reinforces the notion that polypharmacy serves to "mask" underlying symptoms of this potentially fatal condition... So, why has it continued by other service providers?