Friday, July 12, 2013

Garth Daniels - Amygdala - Fear Rage & Aggression

The Amygdala is almond shaped found in that region in the brain protected by the temporal bones immediately behind the ears. The Amygdala sits roughly on a horizontal plane midway between the ears and directly in line with the eyes.

The Amygdala interconnects with four major lobes of the cerebral hemisphere.  These interconnections serve to convey sensory information which the Amygdala processes as external inputs which may for example be a result of a negative or painful event.   These inputs encompass  pain, sound, touch and visual systems to which the Amygdala creates an associated response with these  negative stimuli and random events.    A particularly negative stimuli is fear which prompts the Amygdala to reinforce and trigger a learned response to such fear, much like that of Pavlov's Dog.

Is it the effects of drug toxicity (poisoning) coupled with negative environmental stimuli, sensory inputs, that the interconnections outputs within the Amygdala triggers various kinds of integrated activities as a defense mechanism ?   "... fear is one of the most common manifestations of amygdaloidal electrical stimulation and abnormal activations"(Rhawn Joseph, PhD.)

Is this a route cause which culminates in the involuntary actions of a patient taking these drugs being labeled violent?