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GARTH DANIELS - dog health problems

Worried about your health or that of your dog? ...no need to see a psychiatrist.. go here
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The severity, diagnosis and treatment can vary from dog to dog ( (or person to person), so learning to recognize the symptoms, having them assessed and administering the correct treatment will relieve your and your dogs suffering as quickly as possible...unlike the treatment of lab rats by psychiatry.

,.. YOU think psychiatry does'nt affect you...? THINK AGAIN... A Vet listens to you...and prescribes accordingly...a psychiatrist..well...the following articles provides an insight to the discipline of psychiatry.



Thursday, December 3, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - Benders of the Mind - (13 Years). A History 1996...

"Odd fragments, flights of the imagination, rolling phrases about nothing... ."

These thoughts must have echoed the sentiments of Garth ... the day would soon come 4 December 2009. This day was to be the day Garth Daniels would be allowed to step back into the community. Due process had been followed via the Mental Health Review Board on 20 November to facilitate his step into the community...back into his Area Mental Health Services(AMHS). Nothing, he was assured would intervene... Garth enquired whether this step was set in concrete and was assured that it was so.

On 2 December 2009 without warning in fact quite by accident the Daniels family learned that the AMHS had pulled the carpet from under their son Garth...that his step into the community had been stayed... This despite the fact due process had been followed via the MHRB to acheive the desired outcome... Instead... Benders of the Mind...it culiminated in Garth Daniels being secluded... Wonder why? Its thirteen years on and Garth Daniels is still NOT FREE...and he has NOT committed any criminal offence.

On Thursday 10 December 2009 Thomas Embling was authorizeded under the Mental Health Act at the instigation of Dr.Grant Lester to detain Garth Daniels for a further eight weeks as an involuntary patient.

p.s.Menders of the Mind. A history of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, 1946-1996, Rubinstein W.D. & Hilary L.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - Deju vu -Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital : Detention Centre or Prison?

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Garth Daniels after again being kept in seclusion for thirty days from August 2009 was transferred out of seclusion at Peninsula Health in September, into an environment which houses inmates of the Criminal Justice System. The irony of the situation is that to be freed from seclusion (solitary confinement) Garth Daniels has virtually been sent to prison.

The Thomas Embling Hospital located in Fairfield, about 7km from the CBD of the City of Melbourne, Australia...as the photograph shows, resembles more of a prison detention centre than a hospital. In fact it must be assumed that it was designed as a purpose built facility for inmates from the Criminal Justice System. Does it look like a hospital to you?

There are NO EMERGENCY facilties at this site, no specialists doctors, except psychiatrists whose treatment is dependent soley upon the administration of mind altering drugs. These drugs given either orally or by intra-muscular injection, as is the case with Garth Daniels.

Persons detained here under Section 47 Corrections Act 1986 provides the right to have access to reasonable medical care with the approval of the PMO (Prison Medical Officer) at their own expense and with a MO (Medical Officer) of their choice.

Garth Daniels is NOT at Thomas Embling as an inmate from the Criminal Justice System and is not detained under The Crimes Act, The Sentencing Act or The Corrections Act...Garth Daniels is there because he is being treated under an ITO (Involuntary Treatment Order)...despite the fact that it had been acknowledged in the legal sense, that Garth is capable of consenting to appropriate treatment. This being the case Garth Daniels should be discharged from involuntary treatment but continues to be treated without his informed consent.

An Ethics Committee governs the research activities at this Hospital;which as the photograph is within the perimeter of a ten metre high fence(silver grey buildings)

Friday, September 4, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - and - U.N.Special Rapporteur on Involuntary Confinement

"In modern prison systems of the world one can trace the origins of the philosophy of rehabilitation through isolation to the Pennsylvania prison model, developed in the 1820s at the Cherry Hill Prison.

The aim of the model was to rehabilitate criminals through solitary confinement; prisoners spent all their time in their cells, including work, in order to reflect on their transgressions and return to society "morally cleansed" *
U.N.General Assembly 28 July 2008, sixty third session Item 67(a) of the provisional agenda* Promotion and protection of human rights:implementation of human rights instruments.

Interestingly, in April 2008, an Australian Supreme Court Judge Bongiorno in a terrorist trial over mistreatment of prisoners inside the maximum security Acacia Unit, about 60 kilometetres from Melbourne, noted that the defendants had been kept locked in individual cells for up to 23 hours a day, with severe restrictions on receiving visitors....

Judge Bongiorno in relation to these prisoners confinement summed up the testimony of Dr.Douglas Bell, a government forensic psychiatrist, in these terms: "Dr. Bell considered that in the circumstances of the applicants it is more likely than not that an ordinary person would experience significant psychological and emotional difficulties. These difficulties are likely to have a significant effect on the applicants' ability to concentrate or to remember things from day to day or week to week... He considered that...would be likely to impact to a significant extent on the cognitive mental functions..."

Consequently, Judge Bongiorno required the authorities to carry out a list of alterations which included 10 out-of-cell hours per day when the inmates were not attending court.

In April 2009 we find Garth Daniels an involuntary patient discharged from the Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital(sic)... on a Community Treatment Order (CTO)... Effectively forced to be treated in the public sector, where to date, the number of psychiatrists treating him have now well-surpassed the 200 mark. This despite the fact Garth Daniels and his family have on numerous occassions put foreward the view that if Garth is treated in the private sector; he could be treated by the same psychiatrist rather than the 200 plus who rotate in the public system...and who after twelve years...still continue to drug Garh Daniels against his will without his formal consent. Each using Garth as just another lab rat...prescribing according to each their own idea of what they considered is good for Garth Daniels.

To this should be added the fact that after twelve excruciating years of being treated... in the public system...both psychiatrists and Pharmaceutical drugs are being recycled (who was it who said that only a mad man prescribes the same thing each time and expects a different result?).

In July this year Garth Daniels was readmitted to a mental health service provider...not because he refused his medication... He could NOT refuse...it was given by injection... How then did Garth Daniels experience such dysfunction that required hospitalisation once again. Garth Daniels IS subjected to a CTO...so he is subjected to the regime of the treating psychiatrist... Of course Garth Daniels had no say in the matter...

Once the CTO was revoked and Garth Daniels readmitted to hospital, the recycling of drugs that did not work some twelve years ago were again administered. One such drug is Chloryl-Hydrate... another Zuclopenthixol Acuphase... a drug which the former Chief Psychiatrist of Victoria, Associate Professor Tanaghow, had directed the service providers to withhold; because of its debilitating effect upon Garth Daniels. How long before they again introduce Olanzapine( better known as Zyprexa)? It did not work in 1998 so why it would work several years later? Each psychiatrist with his/her own opinion as to what they considered is in Garth Daniels best interest...treated Garth Daniels over the years as some lab rat... Nothing has changed in twelve years...

Five months since Garth Daniels discharge from the Thomas Embling and a year after Judge Bongiorno's summation, we find that Garth Daniels CTO is revoked; because once again the dose and frequency of administration of the drug had been altered. The question to be asked is WHY? This has again culminated in Garth experiencing symptomaologies not inconsistent with known serious medical adverse effects .... But, again...the treating teams are enmeshed in one thing only...their diagnosis of Schizophrenia anti social personality disorder. Their answer it appears is nothing other than to place Garth Daniels in isolation....confined to seclusion...

How are these events relevant to that of Judge Bongiorno's deliberations and the testimony of Dr. Bell ?

On admission to the public service provider, Garth was immediately given intra-muscular injections (IMI) which apparently should have been given two weeks earlier. Coupled with this injection and to quel what is alleged to be psychosis, additional neuroleptics were administered. This culminated in Garth becoming more dysfunctional wherein we find the connection...

The Consultant Psychaitrist committed Garth Daniels to solitary confinement ( seclusion- a room which is locked from the outside).

On the inside of this seclusion room is a cardboard bottle and cardboard pan ( throwback to the eighteenth century toilet)... a mattress on the concrete floor... and in contrast, looking down from the ceiling, a moderm device.. a camera...to watch his every move. ..four weeks later we still find Garth in seclusion; admittedly Garth is allowed outside every four hours to have a smoke. In fact The Mental Health Act 1986 ( as amended) states that a patient in seclusion should be reviewed every four hours. And, this of course at the particular health service... Garth Daniels was allowed a break and reviewed EVERY FOUR HOURS. This includes 8:00pm...12 midnight...4:00am...8:00am. His family ponder the question as to why it was reported that Garth never slept well.

Of course there are reports that Garth did not appear to have slept on occasions...or that he had specifically asked to be woken so he could have his smoke... Garth Daniels at this stage had begun to talk to himself...laugh...shadow box... In fact Garth Daniels even smiled to himself... One would suspect that is more appropriate than allegedly assaulting staff? The clinicians view...well, Garth is laughing inappropriately!

Reflect upon Judge Biogiorno's summation of Dr. Douglas Bell " it is more likely than not that an ordinary person would experience significant psychological and emotional difficulties..." After having had his neuroleptics (psychotropic medication) stabilised at Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital; detained in what is effectively a detention centre for the criminally insane from 8 October 2008 to April 2009 and discharged on a CTO... Garth Daniels is now to be transferred back to Thomas Embling because the Consultant and treating psychiatrist, Dr.Jeremy Stone under the jurisdiction of Clinical Director Dr.D.Singh is unable to treat Garth Daniels safely and effectively... Why not one may well ask ?

At the time of writing Garth Daniels remains in seclusion...exascerbating the very conditions for which he is supposedly treated...Schizophrenia Anti-social personality disorder... Would YOU not develop an anti-social personality disorder if you were locked in a space large enough for a single bed ( mattress on the floor) and a video camera staring down at you from the ceiling ...watching your every move...including having to defecate in a cardboard tray and urinate in a card board bottle? And, to eat your food in the same room...?

Notwithstanding the former, there are other debilitating effects such as akathisia ( inability to stand still), parkinsonism ( severe tremor ) and Tardive Dykenisia (TD) involuntary movements of the mouth... These of course tend to have gone largely unnoticed once again by the Consultants eventhough TD could become irreversible.

The prescriber information from the manufacturers list the contraindications... but, because Garth Daniels is treated as a "lab rat" ... it seems Garth Daniels is dispensible. How long before they kill him?

It appears that it is better to be bad than to be mad... it must be stated that Garth Daniels despite the protests of his family and friends at his first admission to the Thomas Embling Forensic Facility...Garth Daniels was to say the least...treated with dignity ( provided of course you ignore the fact that its also the place for inmates from the Criminal Justice System) and respect and had never been placed in seclusion during his previous forced sojourn at Thomas Embling... What is noted is that the Dr. Douglas Bell who gave evidence before Judge Bongiorno is the same Dr. Douglas Bell who is the Clinical Director at Thomas Embling.

Judge Bongiorno's summation no dought instills in the family of Garth Daniels a confidence in the judicial system... that the Judiciary can not and rightly so, could not be dictated to or influenced other than by the rule of law. Judge Bongiorno made the administrators of the detention centres accountable and visible...

Perhaps its time for a Judicial Review into the treatment of Garth Daniels ...as Judge Byrne remarked in the Supreme Court in October 2008.. " ...this treatment may need to be investigated..." Ms. Lisa Neville our Minister of Mental Health remains silent on this issue as does our Health Minister Daniel Andrews. And, of course our Chief Psychiatrist, Dr.Ruth Vine having been involved in Garth Daniels treatment...could hardly be expected to have an unbiaised view. The fact is that Dr.Ruth Vine formed her opinion of Garth Daniels in September 1999, when Dr.Ruth Vine promulgated the idea that Garth Daniels should be separated from his father because Garth Daniels has an "enmeshed" relationship with his father. At that time Dr. Vine had not even seen Garth Daniels let alone examine him. Judgement by proxy?

Garth Daniels has spent more time in solitary confinement than ANY person would lock up their dog...in fact if a dog was locked up for the period of time Garth Daniels has been in solitary confiment...the pet owner would be charged for cruelty by the R.S.P.C.A. Garth Daniels has not even committed a traffic offence - has committed no crime, is not a terrorist...but a young aspiring photographer who wants nothing more than to be allowed home to his family. Garth Daniels continues to be injected intra-muscularly...now with additional neuroleptics.

Ironically, it would appear that to be freed from seclusion and his continued solitary confinement...Garth Daniels is to be admitted to prison...reference of course to Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital( - in essence, a dentention centre which houses inmates of the Criminal Justice System.

The updated Victoria Mental Health Act is to go before Parliament soon... maybe the very ACT should be the subject of a Judicial Review. Perhaps then Garth Daniels will be FREE?

Did this question really have to be asked in this eglitarian society...where the colloquilism once was ..."She's alwright mate! No worries!" Think again..its NOT alwright mate...its a worry.

Is our medical profession oblivious to their own Hippocratic Oath Primum, no nocere; The Helsinki Declaration and/or The Nuremberg Codes... ? Do we not subscribe to the U.N.Rapporteur on Involuntary Confinement... ?

Garth Daniels has been in seclusion for more than thirty days... You be the judge... You be the jury. Garth Daniels needs your help... before he becomes just another psychiatry statistic. To help contact freegarth@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - CME - "Traite' des maladies mentales" (Moral 1860)

Schizophrenia - Extending the definition of disease to a purely subjective concept, allowing doctors to diagnose serious mental illness in the absence of any pathophysiological or psychological evidence

In the second half of the ninetenth century, medical scientists discovered the aetiologies and pathophysiologies of many diseases. While it is true that a host of significant illnesses wre discovered around this time by medical investigations, something more insidious was occuring in psychiatry where Bleuler invented rather than discovered schizophrenia for the purpose of extending the definition of serious mental illness so that it could be diagnosed on a purely subjective basis: thus allowing any doctor to potentially define anyone as seriously ill. It is important to point out that the definition of disease was extended to include both scientific and pseudo scientific diagnosis. In order to fully unmderstand how psychiatry was able to extend the concept of disease to include the purely subjective, we need to revisit the events that led up to its "discovery".

In 1860 the French physician Benedict-Augustin Morel was first to describe demense precoce ( premature dementia) in his textbook, "Traite des maladies mentales" ( Morel 1860). Morel used the term to describe persons who typically showed rapid deterioration in intellectual functioning from an early age typically late teens or early adulthood.

Then the latin term of premature dementia, dementia praccox, was first articulated by Emil Kraepelin in 1898 when he addressed mthe Congress of Southwestern German Psychiatrists in Heidelberg on "The diagnosis and prognosis of Dementia praccox ( Kraeplin, 1898). In the lecture he described 36 kinds of dementia praccox.

Eugene Bleuler took the concept of dementia praccox and etymologically enhanced it by changing its name from Latin to Greek, from dementia praccox to schizophrenia ( Szaz, 1976.p11). According to Areti, Bleuler:
Accepted the fundamental nosologic concept of Kraepelin but enlarged it to a great extent, because he considered as related to dementia praccox many other conditions such as psychosis with psycho[athic personalities, alcoholic hallucinations, etc. Furthermore, he thought that the largest number of patients are never hospitalized because their symptoms are never severe enough; that is they are "latent cases" ( Arieti, 1955, p.456).
to be continued soon...in the interim copies of the entire paper may be obtained by emailing :- freegarth@gmail.com

Note: The author of this article is unknown and the writer would like to acknowledge the author. This article has been copied directly from the document of the unknown author in the hope that it may be read by all those affected or labelled as schizophrenic

Thursday, May 7, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - Dependent Narcissistic Personality disorder

From Schizophrenia to Dependent Narcissistic Personailty Disorder...? Is it now an illness to love ones parents or be dependent upon them and to love oneself ? More to follow...

Friday, April 10, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - Release From Thomas Embling Prison - Residential Clause

Garth Daniels on the morning of Thursday 9 April 2009 was released from the Thomas Embling Forensicare Facility, a prison which the psychiatrists in practise there call a hospital(sic). But, Garth Daniels is still NOT FREE...he has a residential restriction imposed on his freedom.

Garth Daniels has committed no crime, he has no charges pending, he has not been tried by a court of law... Garth Daniels is not psychotic...yet Dr.Grant Lester a Thomas Embling psychiatrist who signed the release papers chose to impose a restriction on where Garth Daniels should live.

Is this the State of Victoria, Australia? A state which hosts a Charter of Human Rights and Responsiblities Act endorsed by our Attorney General and Deputy Premier, Mr. Rob Hulls?

Of what relevance is the Declaration of Helsinki or the Nuremberg Codes to a patient, when a psychiatrist at a forensic facility may dictate where one must live? Is it not bad enough that these psychiatrists decide and dictate the disease with reference to their DSM rather than listen to the patient?

Garth Daniels besides his photography has a love of music that includes Reggae ...and he often echoes the words of that freedom song of Bob Marley..."Get up stand up for your rights..." It seems that the only pathway to get up and stand up for your rights is through the judical system... and it should be no surprise that this will be persued vigorously..."Get up stand up for your rights..."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - The Photographer - More than a Lab Rat - abstract

Quote " The opportunity to use the camera to re-invent every day objects as items of beauty and wonder excites me.

The study of light and its effects on solids ( and sometimes not solid objects ) is both fascinating and energizing". March 2009 Unquote.
Garth Daniels Photography
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Friday, March 13, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - Homo Sapien or Lab Rat - abstract

The prescriptions prior 2009 of some of the PharMa drugs (Rxs') administered to Garth Daniels under an ITO - Involuntary Treatment Order- this cache contains only one of the many antipsychotic Rxs' prescribed - Zyprexa. It does not include those drugs given intra-muscularly and other oral prescriptions given both singularly and in combination which in technical terms is referred to as Polypharmacy ( i.e.: a cocktail of Rxs'). Yet, Garth survives.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist- abstract

Professor Norman James, Dr. Ruth Vine, Associate Professor Tanaghow, Associate Professor Kurruvulla George, Dr. Steve MacFarlane, Professor Mark Oakley Browne, B.Mitchell-Dawson, Ms. Kate Thwaites, Dr. David Huppert, Associate Professor Ravi Bhat...next?

Section 106AA. Chief psychiatrist may give directions to psychiatric services... of course there is the assumption that there is no conflict of interest...or is there?

Garth Daniels remains a patient under an involuntary treatment order...and this is twelve years on from his initial admission ...treated by more than 220 psychiatrists in the abyss of that jurisdiction known as Victoria Public Mental Health Service... providers...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - Solicitors, Psychiatrists and the Supreme Court - abstract

Irish Politics, Italian Planning and Russian Bureaucracy - a fitting (Pre)scription of that area known as Victoria Public Mental Health...State Government funded or is it?

On 10 June 2008 Mr. Daniels snr. lodged an Originating Motion to prevent the Alfred Hospital from transfering Garth back under the jurisdiction of Eastern Health.

On 21 & 22 October 2008 before Justice Byrne Mr. Daniels sought to limit the type of treatment accorded his son Garth at the Thomas Embling foresnciare Facility. ( see: s 9 Charterblog )

On 13 February 2009 Mr. Daniels snr. lodged and obtained an "Exparte" injunction against Thomas Embling from transfering their son Garth to the Austin Hospital under the direction of Eastern Health. This matter remains subject to further hearing ...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - Therapeutic Poisoning - abstract

How 220 psychiatrist plus kept Garth Daniels "therapeutical ill" ... The names of the Clinical Directors, Consultant Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Registrars who were or are currently associated with Garth Daniels treatment will be listed. The Chief Executive Officers of two of the hospitals in which Garth Daniels had been treated have since resigned - which of course is immaterial as they failed to reply to any correspondence or take any action in relation to the concerns of Garth or his primary carers his parents...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - The New Stolen Generation. Scientific validation negated by opinions ?

Garth relaxing at home 1 January 2009. By the time you read this Garth will be back behind the rabbit fence at Thomas Embling Forensicare... Garths parents want him home. Garth wants to stay home...the psychiatrists have other ideas. Is this the beginning of a new wave of another stolen generation?

Garth was allowed out from behind the rabbit fence at Thomas Embling Forensicare Institute from 8:00am to 8:00pm on 25 December 2008 and 1 January 2009.

Why does Garth have to go back to the Thomas Embling Forensicare Institute you may well ask? If Garth did not return he would have been returned by force by the outstrecthed whims of the psychiatrists. Incidently, just a reminder Garth is actually in a forensicare hospital(sic) a prison and he has committed no crime. Garth is not detained under the Crimes Act 1997, the Crimes Act 1914 of the Commonwealth Section 20BJ(1) or 20BM nor is Garth under the Sentencing Act 1991 neither is Garth Daniels a security patient subject to mandatory clinical trials or research. Garth is there simply because psychiatrist at the Alfred, Maroondah and Austin Hospitals decided upon it. The big question is WHY?

Why after being injected probably more times than an actual lab rat, locked in isolation for weeks, shocked, forced medicated and treated by more than 220 psychiatrists over a period of ten years in the Victoria Public Mental Health System... Why will they not release Garth Daniels? Garth Daniels is not a raving lunatic. All Garth Daniels wants is to go home. What is the real reason for the psychiatrists at Maroondah supported by others within the Victoria Public Mental Health System wanting to keep Garth Daniels an involuntary patient?

Garth is detained as an involuntary patient under Section 12 of The Mental Health Act(MHA) 1986. Garth has a right under Section 18 of the MHA to obtain a second opinion outside the public health system. This to date has been denied. Garth also has a right under Section 19A of the MHA to seek alternative treatment options. Despite the fact Garth has not refused oral medication the treating psychiatrist Dr. Kevin Ong and Dr. Douglas Bell have elected to give Garth intra-muscular injections. This type of forced intrusive treatment is generally reserved for non-compliant patients,of which Zulcopenthixol in particular is reserved for acute psychosis.

Garths treating psychiatrists appear not to give much attention to the Manufacturers Prescription Guidelines either. This is of course a concern as it appears clinical trials on which the PharMa spend millions of dollars to have their drugs approved is of little relevence in the real ward of psychiatry.

For the record...Garth is not acutely psychotic...Garth had at this time of writing spent 25 December 2008 and 1 Janaury 2009 at home with his parents Bernard and Marilyn. There were no security guards, locked doors or anything of the sort...just a happy reunited family who reluctantly had to take Garth back to the Thomas Embling Forensicare Institute(sic)a prison hospital;simply because the stroke of a psychiatrist pen dictated it.

Garth is being visited on a daily basis by family members and his continued detention is disturbing to those who have been given absolutely no reason for such continued incarceration. Except of course that Dr.Kevin Ong and Dr.Douglas Bell against the wishes of Garth and that of his dad who holds Power of Attorney Medical(Enduring)for Garth, advise that they wish to trial the imi zuclopenthixol with Garth and not loose him to the private sector because they will lose the follow-up.(sic).

Professor Mark Oakley Brown, Deputy Chief Psychiatrist has written to Mr. Daniels (senior) and stated that he should speak to the treating psychiatrists. The treating psychiatrist Dr. Kevin Ong advised he will be speaking to the Director of Eastern Health. Meanwhile,Dr. Douglas Bell, Deputy Director Clinical Services at Thomas Embling who initiated this treatment of Garth has gone on leave to April 2009.

Bernard and Marilyn Daniels want nothing more than their son Garth FREE!...