Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GARTH DANIELS - Deju vu -Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital : Detention Centre or Prison?

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Garth Daniels after again being kept in seclusion for thirty days from August 2009 was transferred out of seclusion at Peninsula Health in September, into an environment which houses inmates of the Criminal Justice System. The irony of the situation is that to be freed from seclusion (solitary confinement) Garth Daniels has virtually been sent to prison.

The Thomas Embling Hospital located in Fairfield, about 7km from the CBD of the City of Melbourne, the photograph shows, resembles more of a prison detention centre than a hospital. In fact it must be assumed that it was designed as a purpose built facility for inmates from the Criminal Justice System. Does it look like a hospital to you?

There are NO EMERGENCY facilties at this site, no specialists doctors, except psychiatrists whose treatment is dependent soley upon the administration of mind altering drugs. These drugs given either orally or by intra-muscular injection, as is the case with Garth Daniels.

Persons detained here under Section 47 Corrections Act 1986 provides the right to have access to reasonable medical care with the approval of the PMO (Prison Medical Officer) at their own expense and with a MO (Medical Officer) of their choice.

Garth Daniels is NOT at Thomas Embling as an inmate from the Criminal Justice System and is not detained under The Crimes Act, The Sentencing Act or The Corrections Act...Garth Daniels is there because he is being treated under an ITO (Involuntary Treatment Order)...despite the fact that it had been acknowledged in the legal sense, that Garth is capable of consenting to appropriate treatment. This being the case Garth Daniels should be discharged from involuntary treatment but continues to be treated without his informed consent.

An Ethics Committee governs the research activities at this Hospital;which as the photograph is within the perimeter of a ten metre high fence(silver grey buildings)

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Rod said...

Once they had taken just about about everything I had it wasn't that difficult to get myself off their CTO. I've worked in the system and know it very well.

In Garth's situation it's more difficult for a number of reasons. Your case has become more public so is more vigorously defended by the authorities. Also Garth may be now dependent on their drugs and not be able to withdraw safely if he absconds.

It's understandable but a pity that you have made so much of an issue over the years over things like the corruption in the industry and the dangers of psychiatric drugs. The psychiatrists will never be swayed by these arguments and will use your attempts against you and ridicule you.

Your only hope is to challenge them on the dubious methods used in their initial diagnosis. They will tell you of course that that's all in the past and that you need to "move on".

There are ways that you can succeed however but you will almost certainly have to abide by a confidentiality agreement.