Sunday, April 22, 2012

GARTH DANIELS - An Insomniac's Nightmare

"The standard conception of legal ethics simply amounts to an Insititutional immunity from the requirements of conscience", Professor David Luban, Georgetown University, Washington.D.C.

The RANZCP ( Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrist) confers the award of Fellowship to those who successfully meet it requirements, ethical standards and successfully completes it training programme and examinations. Fellowship does not mean immunity from the requirements of law...  quite the contrary...  Consider the plight of Garth Daniels...

Garth Daniels requests a review of his treatment in the community in order to address his insomnia. Instead, he is transferred to a dangerous place...a forensic facility for the criminally insane...and by the stroke of a Fellows pen is  fraudulently classified as a  Security patient...subjected to an involuntary treatment order for assessment by forced drugging.  The parents are informed that the classification is merely attributed to error and reportedly corrected. 

Garth Daniels due to the nature of the adverse drug reactions (ADR) is put in solitary confinement for more than 1300 hours...55 days to be more specific and family contact was denied. Requests for leave in order to consult with physicians in the private sector is denied...with his dentist is denied.   The irony is that those "patients" at Thomas Embling progressed through the judicial system may at their own exspense consult with a private doctor of their choice and be permitted leave in order to do so... Yet, the Daniels family request for such leave for their son Garth...who has not committed any crime is denied.

ANZAC Day 25 April 2012 Garth's parents arrive at Thomas Embling and are told that their son had been assaulted the previous night and would be sent to hospital.  Hospital!!! Information about which hospital their son is sent is denied as are details about the assault.  The emotional trauma at not knowing what occured and  even more disturbing not being told which hospital their son had been sent to defies logic.  For Garth's parents logic prevailed and they raced off to the closest hospital...ironically away from the Forensic Hospital(sic) where Garth Daniels had been sent for his "benefit" and "necessary treatment".

They found Garth Daniels at the Austin Hospital emergency rooms...handcuffed...and handcuffed to a security guard from Thomas Embling.  Garth Daniels had been bashed... a swollen face..blackened eye...and bruises across his cheeks...a fractured cheek bone (Zygomaticus arch).  Less than five years ago..two "patients" were murdered at Thomas a low secuirty area.  Garth is in the acute Argyle Unit.

How long will it be before Garth Daniels...whose only crime appears to be a diagnoses of "mental illness" ... How long before Garth Daniels is killed... How long before Garth Daniels is murdered???  How long will Garth Daniels be detained illegally????

Garth Daniels should IMMEDIATELY BE DISCHARGED INTO THE CARE OF HIS PARENTS. Or is this just the beginning of an insomniac's nightmare...having to remain ensure he is not  assaulted...or murdered...????