Saturday, March 3, 2012

GARTH DANIELS - A Question of Definition

"Forensic psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry that deals with legal issues and problems relating to mental disorders especially the determination of insanity for legal purpose."  Mosby's Medical Nursing & Allied Health Dictionary, 3rd Edition.

On 14 February 2011 without being summons to a court or being guilty of any legal issue either current or pending, it has now been established that Garth Daniels was sent to Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital(sic) by a psychiatrist...because it was considered to be "of benefit" and "necessary" for his treatment.   ....not for the determination of insanity for legal purposes... because there were none.

Is it that Thomas Embling security patients (of which Garth Daniels is not)are subject to "detention" which dictates that treatment of such patients are perhaps given so not designed for their release?

Now after more than 365 days of "necessary ' treatment for his "benefit" Garth Daniels at this time has been incarcerated 24/7 for  more than thirty days in solitary confinement...and counting...with no end in sight.

There were no legal grounds for his incarceration in a forensic facility.    Is this an attempt to create a state of "insanity for legal purposes..."?  Is this to justify his illegal imprisonment?

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Doc Deb said...

Imagine the gut wrenching FEAR that a mother and father and sibling would have at this moment – who are living day-to-day, hour-by-hour, minute-to-minute, and even second-by-second…… know that Garth’s forced treatment of an injection of choice by a junior psychiatrist, Dr Hemlata Ranga, could be the DEATH of him.

If the worst were to happen, yes, circulatory collapse, coma and death – all frightening probabilities – there is NO known antidote amongst the mighty medical arsenal, to bring him back to life!

They have not been allowed to see their child and brother for over 900 hours. Why? Garth has been locked away in ISOLATION – as this is Thomas Embling’s “better” way for “treatment”. To think that his living at home with family and friends around him, and access to the outdoors obviously is not NORMAL for someone’s Mental Health and Well-Being.

This seems very disturbing to me. Given the fact that Garth’s health and mental well-being has deteriorated with “their” beneficial treatment!

One has to ask the question – is the psychiatrist NORMAL, or does SHE have a disorder?
It brings to mind a DSM IV Disorder such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Why is she operating in defiance of past experience and treatment that was terminated for Garth’s health and Right to Life?

Why is this Dr Frankenstein ignoring the fact that several more experienced Psychiatrists actually took steps in the past, to discontinue this same injectable drug due to the possibility of Garth’s newly acquired damaged body, an ENLARGED heart, not being able to sustain Life.

It is sad to have had a baby that you have lovingly brought into this world, nurtured and guided them through their tender young years, helping them to understand the BIG WIDE WORLD around them, for this outcome. OK, they get through their teenage years with maybe testing their parents standards as they attempt to become their own greatness and find their place in society.

These times can be challenging for a parent, but Garth Daniels never gave his parents any grief, until age 21. Now that’s a pretty good record these days! Maybe the excitement of unchartered grounds appealed when he decided to try smoking a substance of abuse ON ONE OCCASSION. Why? Was it peer pressure? Was it trying to fit in with the boys? Was it because his friend, who became a solicitor, who also partook in this activity at this same time evoked a sense of “it won’t hurt you this once”?

We can ask ourselves all these questions, but what was a very foolish act suddenly turned into a very DANGEROUS outcome.

What if Garth didn’t suffer an excruciating headache from smoking this cigarette?

A doctor’s advice would not have been sought.
The forced taking of antipsychotic tablets would not have been administered.

Garth would still be a healthy, young man and have enjoyed the possibility of marrying and having a cherished family of his own.

It would have been a lesson well learnt – no-one likes to continue doing something that results in agony!

I’m sure most would agree with me.

PRAY FOR GARTH – he must be in AGONY.
Now what is the timeframe for feeling fear and agony, before the psychiatrists decide on which MENTAL DISORDER they must have?

Jackson said...

I've been checking this situation out for about 4 years.

The authorities must have a lot of stake in this to be able to have kept it so quiet. The measures they are taking suggest that they are desperate and fearful.

If they are desperate and fearful it logically follows that they are not qualified to be doing what they are doing with Garth.

You MUST SURELY be able to publicize this so that it can be examined properly.

I can't understand why this hasn't been dealt with years ago even if it took some dopey commercial current affairs media production to open up it to proper scrutiny.