Thursday, February 2, 2012

GARTH DANIELS - and - UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Revisited - Solitary Confinement

"In modern prison systems of the world one can trace the origins of the philosophy of rehabilitation through isolation to the Pennsylvania prison model, developed in the 1820s at the Cherry Hill Prison. The aim of the model was to rehabilitate criminals through solitary confinement; prisoners spent all their time in their cells, including work, in order to reflect on their transgressions and return to society "morally cleansed" *
*U.N.General Assembly 28 July 2008, sixty third session Item 67 (a) of the provisional agenda* Promotion and protection of human rights:implementation of human rights instruments.

On 28 Janaury 2011 Garth Daniels admitted himself to Peninsula Hospital Frankston as a result of an adverse reaction to a prescribed Community Treatment Order intra-muscular injection, and; found himself transferred to Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital(sic). Garth Daniels has been held at Thomas Embling for almost 365 days. Since 25 January 2012 Garth Daniels has been kept in solitary confinement for 24 hours a day.

"Considering the severe mental pain or suffering solitary confinement may cause, it can amount to torture or cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment when used as a punishment, during pre-trial detention, indefinitely or for a prolonged period, for persons with mental disabilities or juveniles"; Juan Mendez U.N.Special Rapporteur as quoted in the UN News Centre 18 October 2011.

In April 2008, an Australian Supreme Court Judge Bongiorno in a terrorist trial over mistreatment of prisoners inside the maximum security Acacia Unit, about 60 kilometetres from Melbourne, noted that the defendants had been kept locked in individual cells for up to 23 hours a day, with severe restrictions on receiving visitors.... Why is Garth Daniels who is not a terrorist being locked up in solitary confinement for 24 hours a day?

Judge Bongiorno in relation to the prisoners confinement summed up the testimony of Dr.Douglas Bell, a government forensic psychiatrist, in these terms: "Dr. Bell considered that in the circumstances of the applicants it is more likely than not that an ordinary person would experience significant psychological and emotional difficulties. These difficulties are likely to have a significant effect on the applicants' ability to concentrate or to remember things from day to day or week to week... He considered that...would be likely to impact to a significant extent on the cognitive mental functions..."

Consequently, Judge Bongiorno required the authorities to carry out a list of alterations which included 10 out-of-cell hours per day when the inmates were not attending court.( see Blog dated 2009) What is required to have Garth Daniels out of solitary confinement? How is it that after 365 days of treatment in a hospital albeit a forensic facility, Garth Daniels is confined to solitary confinement?

Ironically, Dr Douglas Bell is the Assistant Clinical Director (Inpatients and Prison Operations) at Thomas Embling, who has taken leave. Yet, Garth Daniels who is not a terrorist...Garth Daniels who has not committed a fact Garth Daniels who is an Australian Citizen, at this time remains in solitary confinement without any indication from the treating psychiatrist, Dr. Hemlata Ranga when this will cease. Is the physicians oath not First, do no harm?


Doc Deb said...

Currently as you are reading this, a world record must be being made.

Believe it or not, today in the 21st century, a young victim of the psychiatric system HAS BEEN LOCKED UP FOR OVER 672 HOURS IN ISOLATION - no sunshine, no TV, no books, no family contact whatsoever. This began on the 25th January 2012.


This once vibrant young 21 year old, now nearly 37 years old has been drugged to nearly death, even though he has NEVER committed any crime. Due to the ill-effects of all sorts of combinations of extremely toxic drug dosages, he asked for help to alleviate his discomfort.

Instead of an innocent doctor's appointment, when he arrived at Frankston Hospital in January 2011, from his home, he was immediately thrown into seclusion and transferred to Thomas Embling Prison. He has been illegally locked up in this jail with criminals deemed insane.

This occurred 12 months ago now, and apart from the disgraceful fact that he's been forced to share his confinement with murderers, and hasn't been afforded any safe boundaries from the criminally INSANE inmates, Thomas Embling's Psychiatrist, Dr Hemlata Ranga (a female!) has now ordered this INHUMANE TORTURE of persistent and ongoing ISOLATION.

673 hours now and still ticking.......

Maybe in a Third World Country's Psychiatric training program, where they are looking at depopulation, isolation could be used to achieve its purpose of rendering a human crazy then killing themselves.

Here, though, IN AUSTRALIA, yes I can hear you saying "this can't be true - it's unbelievable.." this should NEVER have happened or been allowed. IT HAS TO STOP!! Australian citizens are being deceived and abused by our Government and its Psychiatric System.

This is not the land of the "free" and "lucky". If you have had the unfortunate dealings with our Psychiatric System, you soon realize that no-one is exempt from being caught in its dangerous web.

THIS IS JUST PURE EVIL.........HITLER was an AMATEUR compared to this dictator!

Send this blog viral, it's the only way to stop this INSANITY and ATTACK on our fellow Aussies.

Send your outrage of this abomination of Human Rights to this email address:
"Subject" - FREE GARTH NOW".

Come on Aussie, come on, come on - we as the people of Australia need to protect and look out for each other, as the Government seem to be turning a blind eye to these happenings!

Doc Deb said...

Now at 800 (and still counting) hours of isolation, information has come to light that the victim has been allowed 3 smoke breaks outside his cell, but still indoors in a secluded area. How generous, wow - a whole 15 minutes of different walls to look at?

The Prison Policy is that an inmate in isolation is not allowed to have visitors.

Why is it that Garth, who is not in any legal way, an inmate/prisoner, is not afforded a simple 2 minute visit by a family member?

If isolation is the ONLY means to keep Garth, although not a criminal and being kept in a prison, safe from the legally incarcerated murderers etc., then yes, it could be construed that this is the BEST that Thomas Embling can offer to ensure his PHYSICAL safety. But hey, don't they consider his MENTAL HEALTH safety?

Court rulings and documented studies, over the last 12 years, have proven that ISOLATION is a form of TORTURE, not only for a "normal" person, but even more so for a person suffering from a form of mental fragility.

These published outcomes in the public arena have obviously been ignored by the Psychiatrists at Thomas Embling. As the Law of the land says, "IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE!"

Is this Thomas Embling's real agenda - to punish the family by torturing their son? It seems the family's wishes to ensure proper treatment to effect a beneficial outcome for their son, has angered the treating Psychiatrists.

The Chief Psychiatrist of Victoria, Dr Ruth Vine, has been monitoring the continuing deterioration of Garth. How long does it take to intervene? Her role is to ensure and uphold the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilites Act 2006.

How long is a piece of string? Obviously longer than 13 months.

Romesh Senewiratne said...

Ruth Vine, the Chief Psychiatrist of Victoria was the junior author in a chapter she co-wrote with the notorious Professor Graham Burrows who has chemically and mentally assaulted so many Victorians. This was a chapter in the University of Melbourne's 1994 textbook Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry (edited by the sinister Professor Bruce Singh).

We will be waiting a long time for Ruth Vine and her mates/bosses to act responsibly. Unfortunately the Australian health ministers and premiers/prime minister continue to trust the nefarious "mental health experts" evidenced by the huge financial support given to the likes of Patrick McGorry, Bruce Singh and Ian Hickie...and then there is the Mental Health Research Institute at the University of Melbourne - when I investigated the MHRI some years ago the Chairman of the Board of Directors was boss of the biggest explosives and cyanide exporters in the country - ICI/Orica (Ben Lochtenberg)...these are some of the problems we are up against in trying to get the release of Garth and other victims of Australia's repressive mental health system.