Sunday, July 15, 2018

Garth Daniels -argumentum ad hominem

Ad hominem - an attack upon an opponent to discredit their argument or opinion - [appealing to emotion and prejudice rather than logic or reason directed against a person, rather than the position they are maintaining...]Merriam-Webster 

So it is, that Garth Daniels dad was accused of speaking a foreign language to his son during a visit at the Park-Wacol Mental Health Teaching, Research and Education precinct (a mental hell prison).  The consequences of that allegation is that Garths dad was removed from the precinct at the instruction of a charge nurse by security officers. 

A compliant was lodged with the Clinical Director Dr. Angela Voita which remained unanswered... But, at a scheduled family meeting on the Thursday of that week Garths dad was informed that he would no longer be permitted to visit his son... however, Garths mother would be permitted continued visiting rights.  Of course, what was not realized by these "white-coats" is that Garth does not speak a foreign language having  as a four year old with his parents entered Australia in January 1979.

What followed was a letter from Dr. Terry Stedman,Clinical Director, Service, Development and Performance (sic), West Moreton Hospital and Health Services, Mental Health and Specialised Services...

Quote: "I refer to the discussion between you, Mrs Daniels and some representatives of the clinical team on 5 July at The Park Centre for Mental Health.  During this meeting, the clinical team raised concerns about your behaviour....which included threatening the life of the treating Psychiatrist and poking a Nurse in the chest while being verbally aggressive....
I would ask that you consider this letter and arrange to meet with representatives of the team to discuss how to proceed to resuming visits with your son." Unquote.

Meanwhile, the psychiatrist treating Garth who supported the allegations against Mr. Daniels senior   now appears to have gone on sabbatical leave, having informed the Daniels family that he would be away until August.  In the interim Mr. Daniels senior remains debarred from entering the secure facility. It is believed that Dr. Angela Voita is to be Garths treating psychiatrist as of Monday 16 July 2018.  
The circumstances giving raise to these allegations appear to be just that allegations, therefore, it seems highly unlikely that Mr. Daniels could meet with the treating team to discuss "how to proceed to resuming visits..." when he is not allowed into the facility to face the very team who have supported the allegations.  Argumentum ad hominem. 


Suzanne Covich said...

I am appalled at this travesty of justice, the fact that the male nurse who'd falsely claimed you'd spoken to Garth in a language other than English has been believed as your truth has been dismissed. People who've known you and your family for years are well aware that the only language Garth understands and speaks is English. In your shoes, I'd be devastated and it would take a team of horses to hold me in back from expressing the deepest hurt! They might just as well run a spear through your heart. I wonder how the hell loved ones who did not speak English could communicate with their son if he were in the same non-English speaking language boat. I sincerely hope that you find a legal way to call all concerned to account. All courage to you and your beloved family. Dr Suzanne Covich (PhD)

Juliette Peters said...

I just remain speechless as regards any aspect of this case. From start to finish, I just find myself scratching my head & wondering if this is really the year 2018 or if, maybe, I'm having a Really Bad Dream within which I've been transported back in time into a series of Dark Events in the Dark Ages. My heart just goes out to Garth & his family, & I just wish there was something I could do to make a difference here, but it seems we are all Powerless against the Evil on-the-go in relation to every aspect of this case.

Juliette Peters, Te Anau, New Zealand.