Sunday, May 20, 2018

Garth Daniels - and then came a spider


"United Nations General Assembly. Human Rights Council:

(The) United Nations treaty bodies have established that involuntary treatment and other psychiatric interventions in health-care are forms of torture and ill-treatment.  Forced interventions, often wrongfully justified by theories of incapacity and therapeutic necessity inconsistent with the Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), are legitimized under national laws, and may enjoy wide public support as being in the alleged "best interest" of the person concerned.  Nevertheless, to the extent that they inflict severe pain and suffering, they violate the absolute probation of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment(A/63/175.paras.38,40,41)."

April 2018
a real coffee unlike what is provided within the Secure Mental Health Research Unit (SMHRU) at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH). Despite the LCT Garth remained confined to the "cage" twenty-one hours within every twenty-four hour period.  Other than when Garth more recently was permitted to spend several hours at home with his parents.

Three hours of "bliss" freedom
 LCT from The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH)Secure Mental Health Research Unit (SMHRU) thanks to the treating consultant psychiatrist Dr. Natasha Laukens.

Garth at his favourite coffee shop in the shopping mall Chermside.
"Is this a risk to the community or self Dr. John Reilly?"

Reflection on health with his  mum 

 the ever enthusiastic photographer looking to capture a moment

Freedom!. "Is there anything violent here ? Does this not promote recovery?'"

LCT 2018
on campus leave with parents
LCT 2018
Off hospital grounds leave- a stroll in the Park Chermside.
"What! A threat to the community?"

LCT 2018
A walk through the Chermside Shopping Mall.
LCT 2018
Garths favourite past time, having a real brewed coffee
Roma Street Botanical Gardens Brisbane.
Where is the threat?


On 27 April 2018 the Chief Psychiatrist of Queensland Dr. John Reilly informed Garth that it was his opinion that continuing treatment at TPCH restricts treatment and rehabilitation opportunities that could promote Garths recovery.

Consequently, the Chief Psychiatrists DECIDED that the best place for Garth to receive treatment and care that would promote his recovery is at The Parks-High Security Inpatient Services(HSIS).  Dr. Reilly directed that Garth be transferred by 11 May 2018.

Allegations of assault by Garth against security while an inpatient at the Royal Brisbane and Woman's Hospital in September 2016 were referred to the Mental Health Court by the former Chief Psychiatrist Dr. John Allan, with further allegations against Garth when transferred on 8 November 2016 to the Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) Secure Mental Health Research Unit (SMHRU) at Chermside.  

During the 8 and 9 March 2018 a hearing into Garth's capacity to stand in trial was heard in the Mental Health Supreme Court (MHSC) before His Hon.Justice Flanagan.  A decision was handed on 4 May 2018 with the directive that Garth be placed on a forensic order and that he be detained at TPCH.

Notwithstanding the directive of the presiding Supreme Court Judge Flanagan, Garth Daniels was transferred to the Parks-Wacol Centre High Inpatient Security Service(HSIS), as directed by the Chief Psychiatrist Dr. John  Reilly, contrary to the forensic order. 

It appears that the Chief Psychiatrist has jurisdiction to relocate patients irrespective of a judicial order.  Is this presumptive ? Perhaps its a question of Fact and Law which may have to be referred to the Supreme Court.  In the interim Garth Daniels remains an in-patient at The Parks-Wacol Centre.  

At the Parks-HSIS 7:00am Saturday 19 May 2018 it is alleged Garth told a staff member to "phuck-off" initiating a "code-black" and as a consequence Garth has been placed in solitary confinement.  Garth remains isolated 23 hours within every twenty-four hour cycle.

What a way to promote recovery?  What a web of deceit!


Pauline Bidwell said...

This is absolutely disgusting and a tragedy for the family who emigrated to Australia to ensure their children were free from apartheid, only to have their son incarcerated for such a long time! How they have been able to endure it - Garth, his parents and his extended family, is totally beyond me. Australia, wake up - this is such an abuse. Who will stand up for me, if I don't stand up for anyone else? Have we not learned any lessons from the past? Is this truly the treatment we should accept in the 21st Century?

Initially NO said...

When government legislation takes people by force for Human Experimentation, naming the people taken as a ‘danger’ or ‘at risk’ (of whatever nature) this does not excuse diabolical cruel human research inflicted on citizens forcibly. In a war-setting this violent cruel exploitation inflicted on POW, would be considered a war-crime. No one deserves this cruel, inhuman, violent exploitation. Garth should have a right to self-defense, to tell abusive medicos where to go, medicos that have taken a him where he does not want to go, and perpetrated such medieval crimes. It is horrible to see the effects of neuroleptics and how obviously they are causing puffing due to immune system rejection. I had this happen to me too. Prisoners who are not used as laboratory specimens, prisoners that commit real crimes, don't have to suffer this shutting down of their nervous system, those prisoners get to spend all their time in prison getting buff, or doing a university course. This country, Australia is so disgusting.

Glenn Floyd said...

As a 2019 Senate Candidate I call the 78,000 deaths caused DIRECTLY by psychiatrists manslaughter-for-money! This is a HORRIFIC 50% of ALL annual deaths in Australia and exceeds Cancer, Heart, Roads, ICE, Heroin, Cocaine, see ABS ststs

I call for a Royal Commission into Psychiatrist Killing and Torture !

Everyday Psych Victims Project said...

SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for cussing in Self-Defense?!

And there's NO threat. That is a lie that they use due to their false labels, that they create in psych to sound "scary" and dehumanized.

- Everyday Psych Victims Project