Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GARTH DANIELS - needs your help

Garth is a victim of gross human rights abuses. He had been locked in seclusion at the Alfred Hospital.

In response to a rally outside the Alfred Hospital protesting his incarceration, the hospital responded by transfering Garth to a forensic facility, effectively a prison hospital(Thomas Embling Hospital - "Google" it)

Visitors to this facility are required to have their eyes scanned via a high tech device before being admitted via high security entrance. You then proceed through an x-ray scanner before exiting via another high security door. From there you are escorted across an open compound to a forensic resident section, where Garth is housed behind yet another high fence.

If you believe you can assist by getting this story into the wider media and to the public's attention please contact:


w_utting said...

This is a situation that should have never been allowed in this society... that an individual can be treated in this manner..

Susan F said...

I already commented. However, I am quite prepared to make further comments.

Hey, you psychiatric asshole "caregivers" - you know you are full of shit. Don't you know just how BAD Zyprexa really is ??? It is a 'dirty drug' like clozapine..and also has a strong affinity for several neurotransmitters in the human brain. Poor Garth is probably a zombie at this point, it wouldn't surprise me. You medical fuckers are the lowest of the low - go take a swim and become shark food!
Or maybe even better, have a taste of your own medicine...neuroleptic 'medications' inflict oxidative stress on neurons and hench will cause long-term brain damage. You medical fuckers are a bunch of dinosaurs. Don't ever come to Canada...