Sunday, January 1, 2012

GARTH DANIELS - Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health(sic) - Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital - unplugged.

"The psychiatric profession has failed to advocate adequately for better mental health resoucing and human rights protection of those subject to Community Treatment Orders."
Guvant Patel. Australas Psychiatry, 2008 Oct;16(5):340-3

Garth Daniels must wonder what better health resources(sic)are required when he has been classified by a leading Psychiatric Registrar, Dr. Hemlata Ranga at Thomas Embling Forensic Hospital(sic)as an inmate under Section 16(3)b of the Mental Health Act 1986 (as amended).

What this Section 16 implies is that Garth Daniels has been before the courts and found guilty of an offence under either the Crimes Act, Sentencing Act or the Mental Impairment Act.

The facts are that Garth Daniels has NEVER BEEN FOUND GUILTY BEFORE THE COURTS OF ANY OFFENCE CRIMINAL OR OTHERWISE. It also raises the question of how a psychiatrist is able to assume a function of the Department of Justice. To suggest the classification is an error is fradulent as such a classification is defined by Legislation of the Parliament of this State of Victoria.

What is not noted is that Garth Daniels was under a Community Treatment Order and voluntarily admitted himself to Frankston Hospital Mental Health Service advising that the prescription injections given to him were causing distressing symptoms...which included the inability to sleep more than three hours in any twenty four. On that day 28 January 2011 Garth Daniels found himslf put into isolation and transferred to Thomas Embling on 14 February 2011.

There is the issue of human rights protection of Garth Daniels which it seems is totally ignored. Garth Daniels has been bashed by fellow inmates, been placed in isolation amidst allegations of assault on staff, and; for his own protection from fellow "patients". Notwithstanding the former Garth Daniels has also sufffered not inspite of the drugs but because of the prescription iatrogenic effect.

Garth Daniels rights under the Mental Health Act and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act has been eroded by Dr. Hemlata Ranga. Because Garth Daniels is now classified as an involuntary appears Dr. Hemlata's assumption is that experimental doses and combinations of prescription drugs may proceed carte-blanche.

The consequences of which is that Garth Daniels continues to suffer debilitating bodily effects of the current prescriptions...And, is intimidated by the psychiatrist who refuses to acknowledge his concerns...or any adverse drug reactions.

According to information from the Chief Psyciatrist Dr. Ruth Vine,Dr.Douglas Bell, Assistant Clinical Director (inpatients and prison operatons) at Thomas Embling supervised Dr. Ranga, who is ultimately responsible for the treatment of Garth Daniels.

Dr. Douglas Bell has been on leave from December 2011 and only due to return in June 2012. Dr. Hemlata Ranga has been treating Garth Daniels since 14 February is now 2012. Garth Daniels continues to suffer under the treatment of Dr. Hemlata Ranga...

The Clinical Director, Dr. Maurice Magner refuses to intervene merely advising that the Daniels'family concerns have been communicated to the "treating team". And, that Mr. Daniels sen. is too emotionally charged so refuses to meet with him. Thomas Embling boast best practice... makes one wonder why Garth Daniels is still not free...

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Doc Deb said...

It makes one wonder, as well as why Garth is not free, why is it that he is not BETTER? Obviously the "state-of-art" facility as well as their top Psychiatrist, Dr. Ranga's methods and medicating need to be inspected and analysed in the public domain as over one year has passed and the patient is still no better?

The drug Treatment Plan must not be geared towards improving the mental health of the detainee - this is a complete and utter joke! Private Psychiatrists have much better outcomes in a MUCH SHORTER time!

I say he is a detainee, as the fact is that HE IS NOT A CRIMINAL - WHY AREN'T THEY RELEASING HIM???

I would say that THIS IS ILLEGAL!

Why doesn't the Government intervene when it is obvious that Thomas Embling are BREAKING THE LAW??

Why is our Government turning a blind eye to these proceedings?