Thursday, June 22, 2017

Garth Daniels - Dejavu. Planet of the Apes 2017

"My life is my experience". Mahatma Gandhi

The rehabilitation enclosure at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) Chermside Queensland the stroke of a psychiatrist pen Garth Daniels was transferred from the Royal Brisbane & Womans Hospital (RBWH) for further rehabilitation.   Rehabilitation ?  To be subjected to further doses of clozapine which after four re-challenges "they"were forced to cease due to serious cardiac complications.  Complications which Garth Daniels and his allied person had apparently forewarned his" treating team". 

What followed was the continuation of polypharmacy and regurgitation of failed treatments which "they" term treatment resistant. What a pity, "they" declared, he was doing so good on clozapine!
They would have solved his "schizophrenia" but not bothered that he would in all likelihood have died of serious cardiac complications.  Wonder whether "they" would have declared job well done?   

Dr. Andrea Walker who was responsible for the administering of polypharmacy and clozapine  has since retired as the consultant psychiatrist at this rehabilitation unit.  But, as a result of those treatments initiated by Dr. Ravinder Sohal et al under the jurisdiction of the authorized psychiatrist Dr. John Allan at the RBWH and continued under the authority of A/Professor Gail Robertson at TPCH has resulted in Garth Daniels having to endure the vagaries of the iatrogenic effect of multiple drug prescriptions. 

A new consultant has been assigned to treat Garth Daniels... and after a series of regurgitation of failed treatments appears to have realized that there is no merit in polypharmacy.  There has been active engagement with the family which appears to have initiated a reduction in prescription  drugs with a concomitant recovery of Garth to clear consciousness.

Akathisia, defined as a medication induced effect in the DSM appears to have been lessened and is commensurate with a reduction in polypharmacy prescriptions resulting in an absence of  aggression and alleged violence...  Outbursts of anxious terror and fear of becoming toxic culminated in accusations of  violent behaviour  which now leaves Garth Daniels to face charges of indictable offences.

Who is the real victim?



Unknown said...

Garth seriously needs to have a private psychiatrist on the outside of the 'public system' to which he can then be rehabiltated back to health and by having a private psychiatrist under a GP's Mental health Plan,he can then state to any future CTO Tribunal hearings that he has the 'professional'support to continue outside of hospital,then regardless of whether the private psych agrees with Garth and family or not,or vice versa,it is this time that Garth should be very slowly weaned off ALL of these toxic drugs and one Psychiatrist that can help with this is Dr Yolande Lucire ( and as well as Professor Permider Sachdev ( Following Garths journey to recovery, as he is one of thousands in this very same predicament,my wife has gone through hell over 10 years woth mental 'health systems in WA,QLD and NSW with poly drugging,seclusion and 30 ECT's,so know what kind of hell Garth has endured. Keep up the fight. :)

FREE GARTH said...

Thank you.
Dr.Lucire in the past has made invaluable contributions towards Garth's wellbeing.
And, continues to support Garth in every which way possible.

Jimbus said...

Whats happenning with Garth now? Is it getting slightly better? I also agree with you getting a private psychiatrist/psychologist and also if needed stays at a private hospital. You can afford insurance and it would seriously change his situation as the doctors and services in the public sector are terrible. I wish you all the best.

Unknown said...

Hoping that Those Doctors accept Garth. Get well soon Garth.

Initially NO said...

Australia signed & ratified the UN CRPD
Article 15 - Freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
1. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his or her free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.

... yet Australia continues to discriminate, persecute and exploit on the basis of perceived disability (calling a person's mentality ill). When are these whitecoat monsters and their coterie government legislators going to allow Garth to live his life? A career, friends, a love life? When are they going to allow him equality before the law? How is this murdering of his life, identity, career, social connections and health anything other than violent exploitation in the eyes of the public? Why is the Australian public not doing enough to stop this?