Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GARTH DANIELS - Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1986.)

The Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 under Section 17A provides for the poisons and restricted substances that may be used, possessed, supplied or prescribed by nurse practitioners and theoretically forms part of approved nurse practitioner guidelines.

All prescription drugs are listed in the Australian Poisons Register as at least S4 toxic poisons. Therefore, it is NOT POSSIBLE for any Court to order by the administration of force that a person be given poisonous substances against their free will;such actions would automatically invoke the Crimes Act 1958.

Health professionals who are not aware that prescription drugs are POISONS do not have the expertise knowledge to practice medicine. Far to often it is the over prescription of these drugs as has been demonstrated again and again in the treatment of Garth Daniels, that it is neurotoxic and culminates in violent and disrupted behaviour which is all too readily ascribed to Garth Daniels non-compliance.

But, what if the very drugs prescribed to alliviate the problem actually exascerbates it? Would you take a drug which you know is poisonous to your system or affecting you in an adverse way? We should think not...

Garth Daniels while being treated without his informed consent in hospital allegedly assaulted several nurses. He was summoned to appear in the Frankston Magistrates Court on charges of assault with intent. This matter being one of many such allegations attracted the attention of the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions).

Intent in procuring a prosecution the DPP established ultimately on evidence that Garth Daniels had been served an overdose toxic prescription. The DPP which initially vigorously sought to secure a conviction dropped all charges, as did the Public Prosecutor in the Frankston Magistrates Court in 2010.

After twelve months under a CTO (Community Treatment Order) not because he was non-compliant but because he was feeling the effects of neurotoxicity...difficulty breathing, perspiring profusely, skin temperauture hot to the touch, eyes penetrating upwards and involuntary tongue movements and grimaces of the mouth... Garth Daniels admitted himself to Hospital on Friday 28 January 2011...

Garth Daniels is currently being treated... in a seclusion room... at Frankston Hospital. Ironically,The Age a Melbourne newspaper today reported on the Coroners findings in the death of a Mr.Fraser at Frankston Hospital in seclusion in October five years ago...Quote:"After the team restrained Mr.Fraser in the ward, he was moved to a seclusion room, where he was found to have stopped breathing."Unquote.

The Daniels family remains vigilant as their concerns for their son is not totally unfounded. As The Age reports, Coroner Peter White is investigating a similar incident at Eastern Health's Maroondah Hospital into the death of another psychiatric patient Adam White six months earlier.

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