Saturday, February 26, 2011

GARTH DANIELS - Psychiatry, statistics and lies : Unethical Ethics.

"It is dishonest to pretend that caring coercively for the mentally ill invariably helps him, and that abstaining from such coercion is tantamount to 'withholding treatment' from him. ... All history teaches us to beware of benefactors who deprive their beneficiaries of liberty"- Thomas Szasz Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus...

Philosophy of Liberty(click below)

April this time of writing Garth Daniels remains in isolation (seclusion) at Thomas Embling Forensic Facility...under circumstances the same as when he was held at the Austin Hospital.

Garth Daniels continues to be given a potentially lethal injection, at doses with debilitating effects upon his bodily function... Garth Daniels is still NOT FREE...the injection dose has been increased...

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