Monday, February 14, 2011

GARTH DANIELS - Contemporaneous notes - A Curious Treatment

Garth Daniels on Monday 14 February 2011 after having been prescribed a cocktail of drugs [Zuclopenthixol acetate; Zuclopenthixol deconoate; Chlorpromazine, Chloryl hydrate and Clopixol]clinically referred to as polypharmacy; was transfered from Peninsula Hospital Mental Health Frankston under the auspices of Dr.Sean Jespersen,Clinical Director (and former Community Principal Consultant at Eastern Health)to Thomas Embling Forensic Facility.

Garth Daniels has committed NO CRIME, has NO CRIMINAL OFFENCE pending - but, merely because his parents who hold Enduring Power of Attorney Medicalquestioned the need for polypharmacy and their son Garth's continued solitary confinement in the morning;Garth Daniels was transfered by the afternoon.

Garth Daniels had been treated in seclusion. Garth Daniels was allowed leave each day with a member of his family, into the community...but on return was required to enter the seclusion room where he was kept in solitary confinement until his next leave...a violation of his basic human rights and a terrible psychological HOAX.

A curious treatment(sic)at a hospital which has been granted more than forty million dollars to serve its community.

Garth Daniels entered hospital voluntary on an undertaking by the treating psychiatrists that his prescribed INVOLUNTARY intra-muscular injection given to Garth Daniels every second week; which was causing him debilitating side effects would gradually be substituted with its oral equivalent. And, that this would lead to the cessation of the intra-muscular injection.

Instead...the injection was increased on admission...oral clopixol added and...once again Garth Daniels has been sent back to Thomas Embling Hospital, a Forensic Facility...for those alleged to be criminally insane. Garth Daniels is NOT INSANE...he is a mothers son...he has done NO HARM

Is it a criminal offense to question one's treatment? Whose mothers son or daughter will be next?

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